Connect Her


making it easier to connect fundraisers with donors

What they needed

ConnectHer links local women looking to better their communities with donors. The old site was a clunky hodgepodge of designs and was negatively affecting donations.

ConnectHer needed fresh branding and a site that was clean, easy to use and mobile-friendly.

What I did

I worked with the CEO of ConnectHer to design a new site and brand for ConnectHer.

There were two key pain points that ConnectHer’s CEO wanted me to focus on: finding a project, and donating.

Pain Point #1: finding a project

The original project browse page was overloaded with options. My goal was to reduce the number of options so users had more mental bandwidth to stay on the site. 

Project Browse.png


improved navigation

Pain Point #2: Donating

The goal with the new donation flow was to reduce mental load and make decision-making as easy as possible. To do this, I limited the number of steps per page, and eliminated unnecessary steps (like logging in).

Check out the prototype below!

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