A Legacy of Giving

Helping a non-profit redefine itself


What they needed

A Legacy of Giving board approached me to help them redefine their non-profit. They needed a clearer understanding of their why:

  • why the organization existed

  • why it was important, and

  • why people should care


What I did

I led design thinking exercises that helped A Legacy of Giving distill their goals into the Golden Circle of why, how and what.


What the Results were

By the end of the exercises, the team felt energized, refocused, and in sync. 

As a direct result of the exercises, A Legacy of Giving broadened the scope of the organization. The board also changed its mission and vision statements to align with the Golden Circle.

  • WHY creating a culture of caring

  • HOW through education and leadership

  • WHAT to build, sustain and contribute to compassionate communities


Original mission statement

"The mission of A Legacy of Giving is to empower children through philanthropy education and youth philanthropy programs to become more engaged in improving their communities and world."


New mission statement

"To create a culture of caring through education and leadership, building a compassionate community of givers."

Legacy of Giving

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Learn how design thinking exercises helped A Legacy of Giving transform its mission.