I’m a resourceful ux designer with a love for accessibility, user research, and dogs



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Indeed Hire

Hire needed a sales funnel to support its new 110 person dedicated sales team.

I collaborated with Content Strategist Maggie Burger and the Hire sales team to create a Sales funnel experience.

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Indeed Incubator

Creating a way for overwhelmed employers to preemptively weed out underqualified candidates.

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A Legacy of Giving

Leading an organization in redefining itself.




“I heartily recommend Lora. She is a highly ethical, dedicated, and good UX designer. I’d hire her if I was hiring…”

— Richard Anderson | Instructor @ General Assembly

“Lora strives to design experiences that are purposeful. She is genuinely easy to work with -- A truly no-drama teammate who sees the bigger picture of accomplishing goals as a team.”

— Alexis Kraus | UX Content Strategist @ Sanders\Wingo

“They say to surround yourself with people smarter than you. Lora would be a good start.”

— Matt Farris | Executive Producer @ Sanders\Wingo

“Lora is capable of making quick, smart decisions when on a tight deadline and works well with content strategists and researchers alike. I would love to work with Lora again.”

— Maggie Burger | Content Strategist @